New version of The Hardware Book!

The Hardware Book has undergone some major restructuring, refining and making it possible to maintain. Lots of new information has been added and all the web links have been verified.

The index system has been revamped to allow us to make for example equipment specific indexes (like all C=64 hardware on one page). This is not implemented right now, but it is possible now with the new index system.

Since the mirror information was badly outdated, that list has been removed for now. We will start taking contact with the mirrors to make them aware of that The Hardware Book is now actively maintained.

Right now it will only be available for offline reading in HTML format. PDF and others will follow.

We will now actively accept pinouts and other specifications and add them to The Hardware Book which will be released more often now. Like before, please don't send questions asking if we have a specific pinout... If it's not listed in The Hardware Book, it's not likely that we have it.

Lots of people have asked when there will be a new release and why there has been so little activity in The Hardware Book. This is mainly because Joakim Ögren was going to Qatar to work for 2-3 months in the end of 1997, and he is still working there :-).

-- The Hardware Book team as of 2001-06-08.

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